Five Random Career Thoughts for a Monday

Attitude determines your altitude. I’ve realized that Mondays stink only when I let them (or when the alarm clock goes off late). I have also realized when I wrote my last, “Monday’s Stink” post I was, in fact, coming down with the mother of all sinus infections. That alone will sink your spirits. So I

New ENFP Infographic!

It has been incredible to learn more about the ENFP personality type. They truly are some of the most creative, fun-loving people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I hope this infographic does a decent job of explaining these complex idea people! Want to see more MBTI infographics? Click here! Related Source: New ENFP Infographic!

Put some S.P.A.R.K.S. Into Your Career Exploration!

Last night I was lucky enough to present a program in my hometown school district’s “Career Night: Plan For Your Future”.  It was open to grades K-12 and parents. The crowd was light, but attentive. I received overall very positive feedback, and one invitation to the local Toastmaster’s Meeting. Not really sure how to take… Continue reading Put some S.P.A.R.K.S. Into Your Career Exploration!

A Rational Explanation for Why I Dislike Mondays

I read a quote yesterday: “If you hate Mondays, you must hate your job. Maybe you should find another job. Then you wouldn’t mind coming into work on Mondays. You may even look forward to it.” First of all: Just be quiet. Really. I don’t “hate” Mondays. I simply dislike them. I usually have a… Continue reading A Rational Explanation for Why I Dislike Mondays