A Conversation with: Thomas Kunkel, President of St. Norbert College

The Conversationalist

I can think of few better ways to end my college career at St. Norbert than having a conversation with the president who has changed the landscape of the institution so much, even in my four short years here. In his last nine years as president, Kunkel has overseen $100m in renovations and improvements to the campus. He has shaped the campus reputation, culture, and continued its emphasis on community (or communio for all the Norbertines out there).


Although he has seen incredible progress in his nine years here (which is much longer than the average six year duration of a typical college presidency) President Kunkel has certainly encountered some difficulties. He describes how he was prepared for the demands of the position, yet did not anticipate some of the consequences of being a college president…

“Where are you going?” says Deb Kunkel.

“To the store” responds Tom Kunkel.

“Not dressed…

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