Five Random Career Thoughts for a Monday

  1. Attitude determines your altitude. I’ve realized that Mondays stink only when I let them (or when the alarm clock goes off late). I have also realized when I wrote my last, “Monday’s Stink” post I was, in fact, coming down with the mother of all sinus infections. That alone will sink your spirits. So I am here, re-charged and ready to be my groovy positive self. I feel good, people!
  2. If I had a magic wand, I would probably wave it over the students in my classes so they could magically move forward to see their strengths, interests, and values. The process is so tough. It reminds me of those old cowboy movies where they had to move cattle across mountains and rivers. We are moving in waist deep water right now (metaphorically) and I believe the class is getting impatient. I know they will get across the river, (again metaphorically) but I think THEY think they’re stuck.
  3. I am beyond excited to go to the Midwest ACE Trends conference in Chicago, IL on Friday. It’s being held on Thursday and Friday, but I am only allowed to go on Friday. Which is cool. I am always in search of ways to pick recruiters’ brains (again, metaphorically, keep UP people!) to find out what they are looking for in their optimal candidates.
  4. One of my few Career Counselor weaknesses: I hate repeating myself. I prefer to keep moving forward. So I forget that each school year there is a new batch of students who need reminding of how to create a top notch resume and yes, you need to include a cover letter. It’s all good, I rarely present a topic the same way twice, most of the time I include information to make it even better. But I need to remember to slow down, take a breath, and look at the needs of my audience.
  5. I could probably write another book titled, “Career Development Needs of Secondary and Post-Secondary Students: A Mother’s Perspective on this Journey” Two children with two very different needs. Each has really helped me stretch and grow as a parent AND a counselor. I will probably write another post on this topic alone. But this is enough for now.