Four Short Years Ago…

Four short years ago today, I was certified to administer and interpret MBTI’s. I have long held a deep fascination for this assessment. Ever since I was introduced to it when I was an undergraduate way back in the stone age. I couldn’t believe it had nailed my personality so thoroughly. It taught me to be proud of who I am. Sure, I’d like to be more “J”, and I have learned organizational strategies since then to keep my world a bit more organized and productive  But I learned how much of a motivator and energizer I really am. I never realized that my friendly comments to strangers as I go through my day was a unique thing. That’s just me. I was an ENFP in college, and I am still an ENFP today. Despite being married to a great ISFJ for almost 25 years. And having two kids who are also very different.

At work, I have now administered over 500 MBTI’s since this day, only 4 years ago. And I have loved every second of each interpretation. I feel like I “collect” personalities, and appreciate how each person opens their personality to me. So thank you CPP for the training, thank you to CUW for allowing me to do what I love, and thank you to each person who has allowed me to interpret the assessment to them. I am humbled.mbti


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