7 Steps to Rock Your Internship and Get That Job Offer

What a great article! I’d like to think we bring value like this to all we serve.


By Josie Hill, BA in Communication, GWU, 2015

I once called myself “the career intern.”

I know.

My story begins along with the 99.7 percent of the GW freshman population: aspiring to go into law until I actually went into law. After my first job at the OGC of a major nonprofit and my second at a private trusts & estates firm, it was already junior year when I realized the law life was not for me. I had regrets, I was unsure about my career, worried about being jobless, and I was graduating in a year with no idea what to major in.

Enter the GW Center for Career Services stage left.

Thanks to the bounty of opportunity that is GWork and the endless support provided by Career Services, I landed my first communication internship at another major nonprofit. From there, I went from PR agency to PR agency until…

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