Encourage Students to Tolerate Uncertainty and to Take Risks

Originally posted on The NACE Blog:
Melanie Buford, Program Coordinator/Adjunct Instructor, Career Development Center, University of Cincinnati LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mebuford/ Website: http://www.melaniebuford.org It’s amazing how the title of Jullien Gordon’s TED Talk, “How to graduate college with a job you love and less debt” resonates with students.  Their enthusiasm is all the more remarkable in its rarity.…

Five Random Career Thoughts for a Monday

Attitude determines your altitude. I’ve realized that Mondays stink only when I let them (or when the alarm clock goes off late). I have also realized when I wrote my last, “Monday’s Stink” post I was, in fact, coming down with the mother of all sinus infections. That alone will sink your spirits. So I

Finding My Brand (With the help of Oprah)

I have a 45 minute commute to work each day, which I really enjoy. I listen to NPR. At first it was to avoid the incessant political ads on the other radio stations, but I have since fallen in love with the stories and the way they present the news. Today there was a story… Continue reading Finding My Brand (With the help of Oprah)