The “Work” of Changing Work

Career Transition: The Inside Job

headFor over 20 years, I kept an anonymous quote clipped from a magazine on my computer monitor as a reminder to myself:

It’s one thing to have vision.
It’s another thing to make it happen.


Like most Americans I have had my challenges figuring out what I’m called to do in the world of work. But once our passion lines up with vision for a better future, why do so few of us seem to muster the courage and stick-to-itiveness to fully implement this new direction and, indeed, make it happen? Why is it so hard to do the “work” of changing work?

 Now that I am in the deeply-fulfilling role of coaching others in creating their desired career paths, I have a unique vantage point: I consistently observe a sharp fall-off between clients who start the change process–identify interests, passions and potentially more-fulfilling roles–and those who actually attain…

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