Dear Superstar…

Dear Superstar,

THANK YOU! For signing up for my class. For always coming in prepared, assignment completed and ready to participate in class discussions.

But best of all, thank you for your attitude. As I supported and encouraged all of you in your career exploration, you were an appreciative learner. You were a large part of setting the respectful class culture. As the unofficial class leader, you asked questions that the rest of the class might have wondered about, but didn’t voice.

You are going to achieve so much in life, I can see it already. Your maturity, openness, and inquisitive nature will charm many who are lucky enough to work with you. You have so many options open to you, but what I really thought was great was that you were deeply appreciative of the gifts God has given you, and were willing to sit back and watch the life He gave you unfold in the manner it was meant. I like the attitude kid, you are going places.

Your receptive and enthusiastic embrace of the class material was infectious, and it made so many others in the class open to the learning process as well. You are the reason I teach. We all had a great time in that class. Thank you for being such a large part of it’s success.

Sincerely, Your deeply appreciative Prof


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